The European Commission talks about CLAIM’s actions towards plastic pollution

The European Commission talks about CLAIM’s actions towards plastic pollution

CLAIM’s developments are gaining tremendous popularity as the European Commission published a video created by our project partner IRIS s.r.l., presenting the characteristics of the small-scale technology – the pyrolizer. 

CLAIM is eagerly working towards creating innovative and sustainable technologies. While fulfilling our goals, CLAIM finds it important to also engage the wider public in the process. For this reason, IRIS, who have designed and created the pyrolizer, have conceptualized an interactive and innovative video, visualising the process of thermochemical recycling.

The technology’s main function is to clean, re-use and monitor larger plastic pieces. By exploiting plasma-fueled high temperature, the pyrolizer transforms solid waste into a combustible gas, called syngas, and a recyclable solid residue. The process does not produce dioxins and furans, an issue with many thermal processes. Instead, it cultivates syngas, which can be reused on fuel ships and heat ports.

By developing various technologies, CLAIM aims to influence numerous policies. The project’s systems have raised a number of critical aspects to policy makers. Amongst the many issues that should be addressed, CLAIM has directed attention to the need of marine litter autonomous systems for collection and energy recovery from waste, as well as the development of environment protecting technologies. 

Watch the video here. 

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