Tackling the marine litter in the Mediterranean Sea: CLAIM-organised workshop

Tackling the marine litter in the Mediterranean Sea: CLAIM-organised workshop

The CLAIM project is reaching the final stages of the project duration, however, the project is yet actively working towards its goal to prevent plastic pollution from entering the sea debris. In accordance to this, CLAIM is eager to announce that the project partners at the National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies (INSTM) are holding a workshop, where the main topic will be “Tackling marine litter in the Mediterranean Sea: The Challenge.”

The event will take place on 31 March 2022 and is going to take the form of hybrid workshop, where participants can attend physically at the INSTM in Tunisia, as well as to follow the discussions online.

Marine plastic pollution causes disastrous consequences for both local ecosystems and human activities. This pollution disrupts the functioning of marine ecosystems, damaging the services that they provide to humanity and the sustainability of the Planet. Accordingly, CLAIM aims to reduce the quantities and impact of plastic pollution in the oceans by developing new technologies.

Against this background, CLAIM is organising this very workshop in order to discuss the results achieved during the project, the economic feasibility, the social acceptance and the institutional framework for the adoption and scaling up of the developed innovative technologies to reduce marine litter.

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