Raising awareness towards plastic pollution: CLAIM at the LOOPS webinar

Raising awareness towards plastic pollution: CLAIM at the LOOPS webinar

CLAIM has been invited and successfully participated in the LOOPS webinar. LOOPS is a public initiative in the form of webinar series about the research and results that Horizon 2020 is producing in the field of circular economy. The initiative is organised by the International Research Organisation – Veltha and is closely linked to the organisation’s aim to deliver research and policies for sustainable development and social innovation. By exploring state-of-the-art technology and fostering knowledge exchange in Circular Economy-related issues, LOOPS is encompassing all sectoral and cross-sectoral works that are committed to achieving circularity in their CE-based field.

Each episode of LOOPS consists of a live conversation with leaders of two Horizon2020 projects, where each project leader showcases the main insights of their work. The presentations are accompanied by Q&A sessions where interesting facts and questions are being discussed.

This time around, guests at the LOOPS online event have been the CLAIM project coordinator George Triantafyllou and project manager George Triantaphyllidis, together with PlastiCircle‘s coordinator Cesar Aliaga, who engaged in an insightful discussion on the topic of plastic pollution, and the various innovative ways to prevent the spread of marine litter. 

Watch the full episode here.

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