Waste et Water sarl is a company that applies innovative ideas in the environmental sector and particularly in industrial wastewater and sewage treatment. Waste et Water sarl provides environmental services by specialized staff and modern equipment under the supervision of experienced engineers (Hazardous waste treatment and disposal, Domestic and industrial waste treatment, Collection and transport of urban and industrial waste, of hazardous waste, of solid and recycled waste, and Seawater cleaning systems). The Company is also specialized in environmental turnkey projects like Waste water treatment plants (urban and industrial), Water treatment units, Pumping stations, Solid waste treatment plants and recycling plants.


Waste n Water will in WP2 contribute in the implementation and installation of the invisible and visible litter cleaning devices (pilot scale prototype), in wastewater treatment plant (T2.2).

In WP3, Waste n Water will contribute in the review of existing methods for managing litter (T3.1) and the evaluation of the cleaning nanocoating and automated filtering devices in the actual application environment(field testing) (T3.3). Moreover, demonstrate litter cleaning devices efficacy in the field and scale-up the prototype design developed in WP2 for industrial application. In WP6 they will participate to T6.3 (Series of local stakeholder events).


Waste et Water Sarl (WASTE & WATER LTD) offers a wide variety of specialized equipment for environmental applications and will enable the operation of the prototypes in wastewater treatment units.


Nikolaos Katsafados

nkatsafados [at] wastenwater [dot] com

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Organisation: Waste et Water Sarl

Position: Technical manager

Expertise: Chemical Engineer MSc Engineering Management and MSc Clean Technology, Technical Manager of WASTE & WATER SARL. Managing construction of new WWTPs and WTPs, Process design, managing technicians on daily plants operation, operation support by sampling and analyzing, supervising Lab tests procedures, decision making in process suitability

Involvement in CLAIM: General supervisor of the filter installation and operation in WWTP; Consultant for environment issues; Results evaluation and process optimization

Elisabeth Nikoli

enikoli [at] wastenwater [dot] com

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Organisation: Waste et Water Sarl

Position: Technical department

Mechanical Engineer MSc Hydraulic Engineering and Master in System Engineering and Management. Technical department of Waste et Water Sarl. Participation in Public tenders, preparation of technical descriptions and economical offers, managing projects of the public sector, design and operation of electromechanical projects

Involvement in CLAIM: Pilot scale application manager WP2; Report editor and administrator; Results evaluation and process optimization