Tallinn University of Technology (TTU) is the flagship of Estonian engineering and technology education and research creating synergy between the technological, natural, exact, economic, and health sciences. Department of Marine Systems is an education, research and development unit in the School of Science of TTU. Research topics of the Department are related to marine physics, ecology, pollution control, coastal planning, remote sensing and mathematical modelling.


TTU leads the task to assemble data on visible and invisible plastic litter, including data from existing databases, data collected during the project for model validation purposes and data on litter sources in the Baltic area. TTU has the responsibility for characterization of the baseline in the Baltic experimental area, testing the cleaning/measuring device on board the research vessel equipped with a flow-through system and run the measurements along the ferry line Tallinn-Helsinki in the Baltic Sea (Gulf of Finland).


TTU owns the research vessel SALME equipped with a flow-through system measuring various environmental parameters and able to collect samples from the surface layer, runs a Ferrybox system between Tallinn and Helsinki (Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea), has access to large IT systems for data management and modelling, and has Manta trawl and lab facilities for microlitter analyses.


Urmas Lips

urmas [dot] lips [at] ttu [dot] ee

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Organisation: Tallinn University of Technology

Position: Professor

Expertise: Physical oceanography, influence of physical processes on biogeochemical signal dynamics; implementation of MSFD

Involvement in CLAIM: PI at TTU, overall management, data collection and analysis, developing and testing of microlitter measurement device

Inga Lips

inga [dot] lips [at] ttu [dot] ee

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Organisation: Tallinn University of Technology

Position: Lead Researcher

Plankton ecology and marine environment protection, marine monitoring including microplastic monitoring pilot action in Estonian coastal waters

Involvement in CLAIM: Characterization of the baseline in the Baltic experimental area; overview of existing methods for managing visible and invisible litter (plastics); informing policy

Villu Kikas

villu [dot] kikas [at] ttu [dot] ee

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Organisation: Tallinn University of Technology

Position: Chief Engineer

Expertise: Ferrybox systems, data collection, archiving and analysis; regular R/V cruises (CTD, flow-through, Scanfish)

Involvement in CLAIM: Data management, databases, testing and observations using developed microliter measurement device

Madis-Jaak Lilover

madis [dot] lilover [at] ttu [dot] ee

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Organisation: Tallinn University of Technology

Position: Senior Researcher

Expertise: Data management, archiving and analysis; databases

Involvement in CLAIM: Knowledge and data management, databases and dissemination