PP Polymer AB is an independent consulting, research and development sme company working with polymer chemistry with special emphasis on materials and surface coatings. PP Polymer offers analytical services to companies for product development and in solving trouble shooting problems relating to surface coatings, adhesives and polymer materials.


PP Polymer will scale up a device incorporating nanocoated substrates for efficient cleaning of invisible microplastic at semi large scales and evaluate degradation behaviour of different nano coating systems developed by KTH.


PP Polymer’s comprehensive in-house lab facilities are one of our unique feature. We have one of the most extensive machine parks in northern Europe with DsC, DMA, TGA, HPLC, GC-MS, Pyr/GC-MS, FTIR, UV-VIS, mechanical testing and even SEM-EDS capabilities in our lab.


Swaraj Paul

s [dot] paul [at]
pppolymer [dot] se

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Organisation: PP Polymer AB

Position: Technical Director

Expertise: Docent (Dr Dr) in Polymer Technology; Author (1985) and Editor (1995) of ”Surface Coatings: Science & Technology” John Wiley; Expert (2015) of FoF (Factories and Future) in H2020, Since 2004 in Advisory Board for the China Coatings Journal (CC). Dr. Swaraj Paul founded PP Polymer AB in 1985. His vision was to work with environmentally favourable and less hazardous product development within the field of polymer chemistry to create a center of excellence to solve customers’ problems

Involvement in CLAIM: Project leader and responsible for the technical development

Malin Sohlmér

malin [dot] sohlmer [at]
paxymer [dot] se

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Organisation: PP Polymer AB

Position: Development engineer

MSc in Nano science, working as a development engineer in the field of polymer materials and their characterizations

Involvement in CLAIM: Engineer working with polymer analyzis and characterizations

Reji Nedum Kandathil

reji [at] pppolymer
[dot] se

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Organisation: PP Polymer AB

Position: Analyst

Expertise: Dr. in Materials Chemistry, solid laboratory experience within synthesis, structure and property characterization of organic solid state materials, including hydrides and nanoscience

Involvement in CLAIM: Engineering work with focus on analytical work

Ann-Christin Paul

paul [at] pppolymer [dot] se

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Organisation: PP Polymer AB

Position: CEO, Owner of PP Polymer AB

Expertise: MBA, Managing FP7-projects

Involvement in CLAIM: Management and has LEAR Status