Pensoft Publishers is an academic publisher and technology provider, well-known among biodiversity and environmental scientists worldwide for its cutting-edge open access journals. The company is actively developing novel tools, workflows and methods for text and data publication, dissemination of scientific information, and semantic enrichment of content. Within a growing number of EU-funded projects, Pensoft has specialised in dissemination and communication activities and consulting, including open access publishing, website design and maintenance, setup of specialized communication platforms and online tools, and establishing the project visual identity and marketing collateral (logo, leaflets, policy briefs, posters, etc).


In WP6 (Leader), PENSOFT will be responsible for the project dissemination & communications activities (Preparation and dissemination of press releases on project results and events, website management and support throughout the projects, dissemination via social networks, Data Management Plans (DMPs), and the production of various outreach materials). We will also participate in interactions with stakeholders (T5.3) and the promotion of business model results (T5.4). Pensoft is a member of the Steering Group as WP6 leader and leader of the Dissemination and Exploitation Group.


Pensoft is a member or partner of several professional publishing organisations and data publishing platforms, including CrossRef, OASPA, PubMedCentral, CLOCKSS, Research Data Alliance (RDA), OpenAIRE, LifeWatch, DataONE, Dryad Data Repository, Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), Encyclopedia of Life (EoL), and others. As a scientific publisher and a partner of several consortia looking at modernizing the ways biodiversity data is handled and shared, Pensoft has also developed a number of tools and workflows for direct open access publishing of biodiversity related data, as well as for its streamlined export and storage across repositories.


Lyubomir Penev

penev [at] pensoft [dot] net

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Organisation: Pensoft

Position: Founder and Managing Director

Expertise: Professor of Ecology; methods, software and technology development for scientific research; semantic publishing and dissemination of scientific information.

Involvement in CLAIM: Pensoft team leader

Pavel Stoev

projects [at] pensoft [dot] net

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Organisation: Pensoft

Position: Head of Projects Department

Professor of Zoology; systematics, biogeography and ecology of invertebrates; bioinformatics

Involvement in CLAIM: General project and financial management; dissemination of CLAIM scientific information; stakeholder engagement

Teodor Georgiev


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Organisation: Pensoft

Position: Technical Director

Expertise: Design, layout and desktop publishing; open access journal publishing; software development; markup and semantic enhancements of scientific papers

Involvement in CLAIM: Design of CLAIM logo, website design, social media profiles and promotional materials starter pack (brochure, poster, and sticker)

Margarita Grudova

manager [dot] projects [at] pensoft [dot] net

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Organisation: Pensoft

Position: Project Manager

Expertise: Project and financial management and reporting; maintenance of communication platforms; dissemination of results from scientific projects

Involvement in CLAIM: Planning, organization, coordination and management of CLAIM activities; dissemination of results from scientific projects; administrative and financial reporting

Iliyana Kuzmova

pressoffice [at]
pensoft [dot] net

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Organisation: Pensoft

Position: Head of Press Office

Public relations, science communication, including press release writing and distribution, liaising with international media, and preparation of promotional materials

Involvement in CLAIM: Development of Plan for Exploitation & Dissemination of Results (PEDR), including a Data Management Plan (DMP); preparation and dissemination of press releases, dissemination of scientific results through social networks