New Naval LTD is a European company established in 1978, in order to provide services and products in the maritime sector and especially in the Protection of Marine Environment and the Oil Spill Response Industry as a manufacturer and a service provider.


New Naval’ s main role is the modification of the vessel in order to facilitate the utilization of the small scale thermal treatment device (pyrolizer), to design, manufacture and deploy the floating barrier (boom) in order to prevent visible litter to enter the sea and to test the performance of the floating boom (barrier) in front of rivers and streams output.


–  Boom manufacturing line, which includes high frequency thermal welding.

–   Test tank in order to monitor boom’s performance.

–  Dynamic recovery vessel Sea Guardian 12 for the deployment of the boom and also for the installation of the pyrolizer on board the vessel. Vessel might modify some of its features in order to accommodate the pyrolizer and its efficient use.



pantazakos [at] newnaval [dot] gr

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Organisation: New Naval LTD

Position: International Commercial Manager

Expertise: Oil Spill Response and Marine Pollution specialist, with over 13 years’ experience in the industry. Supervised and managed a number of large pollution marine incidents in a number of countries in Mediterranean and Middle East and has worked for UN and governmental authorities in the same field

Involvement in CLAIM: Responsible for the selection of the most suitable location for the boom installation, coordinating the manufacturing process between commercial, production and R&D departments, overall project management and follow up


a [dot] panagopoulos [at] newnaval [dot] gr

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Organisation: New Naval LTD

Position: Production and R&D Manager

More than 12 years of experience in Product designing and manufacturing processes, Responsible for numerous custom-made projects in many manufacturing fields

Involvement in CLAIM: Responsible for the Design, Development and Manufacturing of all New
Naval’s deliverables in the project, Data collection and coordination of the laboratory and field tests