The UL was founded in 1951 and is the only public institution of higher education in Lebanon. It is responsible for public university education. It is interested in social and economic problems that the Lebanese society faces.


LU is Mainly involved in WP 2, 3 and 7.


The Lebanese university has several research laboratories within its faculties in the field of wastewater and chemical engineering, with a wide range of equipment which might be useful for the implementation of the CLAIM project such as: XRD, UV-VIS, AFM, SEM, NMR, FTIR, GC-MS, TGA, LC, Dip-coater, etc.


Clovis Francis

cfrancis [at] ul [dot]
edu [dot] lb

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Organisation: LU

Position: Director of the Scientific Research Center in Engineering (CRSI)

Expertise: Professor at the Lebanese university since 1995, and he holds an Accreditation to supervise research (HDR) in control engineering

Involvement in CLAIM: Prof. Clovis Francis is responsible for the dissemination and financial related activities

Wael Hamd

wael [dot] hamd [at] hotmail [dot] fr

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Organisation: LU

Position: Assistant Professor

Wael Hamd holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from École Nationale Supérieure de Céramique Industrielle (Limoges, France). His current research interests are in the area of nanotechnology, photocatalysis and petroleum refining

Involvement in CLAIM: Dr. Hamd is responsible of the development of nanocoating for invisible microplastic cleaning by using low-cost and green wet-chemical process technologies

Nelly Hobeika

nelly_hobeika [at] hotmail [dot] com

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Organisation: LU

Position: Assistant Professor

Expertise: Characterization of reactive species of oxygen, photo-induced at the interface solid-gas, by fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy, for a better understanding of the photocatalysis and photo-oxidation mechanisms

Involvement in CLAIM: Dr Nelly Hobeika will participate in WP3 related activities