IRIS srl, founded in 2012, is an innovative SME specialised in developing applications of laser and plasma technologies focusing on advanced manufacturing and clean tech sector. IRIS core business is today the development and qualification of new processes/equipment solution for laser and plasma processing technologies. The process qualification includes cost and energy consumption assessment, eco labelling certification, construction and characterisation of prototype equipment. The company is co-applicant in two patent applications submitted to the European Patent Office in November 2014: “Device, system, and method for the treatment of liquid waste waters” (BEP 18027) and “Device and system for plasma treatment of solid waste” (BEP 18028).


IRIS will develop a small scale device for in situ treatment and energy recovery from visible litter. It will be applied onboard a waste collection vessel and at selected ports.

IRIS will participate in the cost-effectiveness analysis of this alternative method for marine litter energy exploitation and subsequently in the business model and business plan development.


IRIS facilities include a prototype device for treating solid waste on small scale. The device uses commercially available components to generate plasma to treat safely any solid waste extracting from it energy as syngas and leaving just an inert residue, with no harmful emissions. IRIS facilities include a 400 m2 owned laboratory for experimental testing of laser/plasma processing, which have been equipped in 2015 with a robotic island for smart hybrid welding as a result of the regional founded project ECOWELD and in 2016 with a Prima Industry machine developed and integrated within the Borealis project, to integrate a new additive manufacturing processing head to develop and set up an affordable AM process based on LMD technology. This same equipment can be employed for the manufacturing of the device to be applied onboard a waste collection vessel.


Paolo Albertino

paolo [dot] albertinо [at] irissrl [dot] org

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Organisation: IRIS S.r.l.

Position: R&D specialist, Engineering

Expertise: 10 years’ experience in alternative energy and HVAC sector. His skills include innovative HVAC systems design, CFD, maintenance engineering, energy management system, dynamic energy modelling

Involvement in CLAIM: He will focus on the optimization of the energy aspects of the device to be integrated on the skimmer boats and will undertake the reengineering of the device for optimization with respect to the input waste and the integration on the boat

Giulia Molinari

giulia [dot] molinari [at] irissrl [dot] org

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Organisation: IRIS S.r.l.

Position: R&D Specialist

Materials Scientist. She works in IRIS in the field of plasma and laser industrial applications, in the areas of water treatment, welding technologies and additive manufacturing. Her skills include management of R&D projects and design and testing of prototypes, both in the fields of robotized welding and plasma treatment of liquid effluents

Involvement in CLAIM: She will work on the activities related to dissemination and exploitation of project results

Alessandro Gonzalez

alessandro [dot] gonzalez [at] irissrl [dot] org

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Organisation: IRIS S.r.l.

Position: R&D specialist, Engineering

Expertise: 6 years’ experience as mechanical designer. His skills include use of CAD tools, FEA engineering, CFD, and simulations tools as well management of projects, design, maintenance, and improvement of mechanical systems

Involvement in CLAIM: He will be the project manager of IRIS’s contribution and responsible of the technical development of the pyrolizer and the final integration of the whole system