INSTM is the “National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies”. INSTM has approximately 80 scientists and was created in 1924. The research undertaken in INSTM covers several aspects of marine science and technology. Through the years, INSTM has developed a large expertise in several themes related to marine environment. One major interest of INSTM is the study of problems related to human activity on coastal regions of the Mediterranean. Another developing activity in the institute is the study of air-sea interactions in the Mediterranean sea and their implications on the quality of the Mediterranean water and water circulation and it is involved  EU Project Ferrybox.


INSTM is involved within WP1, WP3 and WP6. Collecting data from validation and demonstration experiments Ferrybox litter cleaning/data measuring and mapping visible and invisible plastic litter sources in the Central and Western Mediterranean Sea, and contribute to model calibration and validation within. INSTM will also conduct a series of local stakeholder events, to embrace the Southern Mediterranean Countries.


INSTM has research facilities with state of the art scientific instrumentation and technological equipment with access to University students and trainees. FerryBox facility specially will be involved within CLAIM project. It also owns facilities to host events for the general public and accept a large number of visitors, such as an auditorium and meeting rooms.


Sammari Cherif

cherif [dot] sammari [at] instm [dot] rnrt [dot] tn

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Organisation: INSTM

Position: Professor

Expertise: Physical oceanography

Involvement in CLAIM: Principal Investigator and Tunisian Coordinator

Sana Ben Ismail

sana [dot] benismail [at] instm [dot] rnrt [dot] tn

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Organisation: INSTM

Position: Research scientist

Physical oceanography and ocean observation

Involvement in CLAIM: Principal Investigator and Tunisian co-coordinator

Malika Bel Hassen

belhassen [dot] malika [at] instm [dot] rnrt [dot] tn

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Organisation: INSTM

Position: Research scientist

Expertise: Oceanographic Engineer

Involvement in CLAIM: Team member