IkerConsulting is a limited liability company experienced in providing research and innovation knowledge services. IkerConsulting is specialised in the development and management of European projects such as the Research Framework Programme, ERDF – Interreg, eTEN, eContent or Creative Europe. Beyond this, IkerConsulting offers expertise in strategic and regional planning, Consulting and Research services from business strategic planning to economic factors underpinning regional development, urban strategies, maritime industries, internationalization and training and development of competences in different fields closely linked with research, development, technology transfer and innovation (introduction to funding programmes, creativity, project management, Intellectual Property rights IPR, development and update of business models, etc.).


IkerConsulting will participate in several work packages (WP): In WP5, IkerConsulting will identify the most promising business cases, analyse the legal and policy framework for the uptake and upscaling of innovative marine litter pollution control, gauge stakeholder acceptance of these technologies, and assess the integrated impacts of these technologies for upscaling purposes. In WP6 it will participate in WP6 disseminating activities and define a Business Model, specifying economic and technical viability for exploitation and Policy Recommendations. Under WP7 IkerC will support the implementation, maintenance and reporting using the project management tool and maintaining the project knowledge repository. Will support also the task leader in the collection and review of financial information.


Karsten Seidel

karsten [dot] seidel [at] ikerconsulting [dot] com

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Organisation: IkerConsulting European and Regional Innovation SL

Position: Consulting Partner

Expertise: Dr. Karsten Seidel is experienced in EU Industrial and regional policy and EU Institutional representation as well as in International relations, with over 30 years of working experience on EU projects. He has an MSc and PhD in Economics, with research and publications related to policy, society and strategies

Involvement in CLAIM: Dr. Karsten Seidel will be involved in the cost-effectiveness analysis of alternative reduction technologies (T5.1), Identification of legal and policy framework (T5.2), survey of stakeholders and general public to assess the social acceptance of maritime litter reduction(T5.3), informing policy (T6.4) and Technical management (T7.1) and Quality Assurance (T7.4) activities

Ignacio Rada Cotera

ignacio [dot] rada [at] ikerconsulting [dot] com

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Organisation: IkerConsulting European and Regional Innovation, SL

Position: Consulting Partner

Mr. Ignacio Rada Cotera is specialized in project management, business model definition and entrepreneurship. He did his law studies in Bilbao (Deusto University). He holds an MSc in European Studies (Bilbao–Saarbrucken) and an MSc in management of human resources. Current contracts comprise the management of European Projects, Start-up acceleration processes, for the exploitation of technologies, business model definition ort, financial and administrative management of projects co-financed by national, regional or European Funds

Involvement in CLAIM: Mr. Ignacio rada will be involve in the definition of the Business Model and business plan (T5.4) under different scenarios and in the synthesis and integrated assessment (T5.5), the Knowledge management (T6.2), Attracting venture capital (T6.5) and financial management activities (T7.2)