CNR-ISMAR carries out multidisciplinary research in the field of Marine Science. In particular, the research activity of ISMAR Unit in Genoa (ISMAR-CNR Genoa) is focused on the development of methods and innovative technologies for the analysis of anthropic activities impact (including marine litter) on marine environment. More specifically: ecotoxicological analysis, environmental monitoring, water treatment, environmental biosensors, biocorrosion, biofouling and antifouling technologies and research activities.


CNR-ISMAR is leading CLAIM WP3 “Demonstration of the Innovative Cleaning and Monitoring Tools”, where the developed devices are demonstrated and evaluated in the field. CNR-ISMAR will provide sampling protocols and tools both to assess the efficiency and environmental impact of the microplastic cleaning devices and to perform a microplastics monitoring in water and fish specimens from the CLAIM key study areas, as well as it will contribute to the mapping of invisible and visible plastics distribution against ecosystem services and to the outreach and dissemination activities.


A significant infrastructure of ISMAR CNR Genoa is represented by the Experimental Marine Station. It is located in the Genoa harbour and it belongs to a European Excellence Network of Marine Research Stations (MARS Network – (

CNR-ISMAR Genoa is also equipped with Imaging & Microscopy systems. All these facilities, coupled, with the polymer nature identification of particles with FT-IR analysis (PerkinElmer Spectrum Two), allow a complete invisible litter characterization. Moreover, ISMAR CNR Genoa laboratories are equipped with facilities for maintaining marine invertebrates and using them for testing purposes (i.e series of culture cabinets and walk-in culture rooms, where light, and temperature are regulated).


Marco Faimali

marco [dot] faimali [at] ias
[dot] cnr [dot] it

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Organisation: CNR-IAS, Genoa Unit

Position: Head of the Genoa Unit of CNR-IAS

Expertise: He worked for more than 20 years in the field of of the interaction between materials/technologies and the marine environment (biofouling, biofilm, biocorrosion, antifouling, enviromental impact, marine ecotoxicology). PhD in Marine Environmental Sciences (2003) at Genoa University

Involvement in CLAIM: Involvement in all the CNR-IAS activities and also the role of WP3 leader “Demonstration of the Innovative Cleaning and Monitoring Tools”, where the efficacy of developed devices will be demonstrated and evaluated in the field

Francesca Garaventa

francesca [dot] garaventa [at] ias [dot] cnr [dot] it

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Organisation: CNR-ISMAR, Genoa Unit

Position: Researcher

The research activity is focused on the application of different techniques to analyze environmental impacts and on the development of monitoring and analysis tools able to show the effects of anthropic activities on the marine environment

Involvement in CLAIM: Involvement in all the CNR-ISMAR activities in CLAIM. In particular, in the creation of a data repository on visible and invisible plastic litters and in the management of the sampling campaigns in the key-studies areas. These activities will contribute to the analysis of impacts on ecosystem services and to the technologies efficacy assessment and validation

Veronica Piazza

veronica [dot] piazza [at] ias [dot] cnr [dot] it

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Organisation: CNR-ISMAR, Genoa Unit

Position: Researcher

Expertise: Ecotoxicology studies – Bioassays on marine invertebrates for the characterization of environmental matrixes and emerging pollutants (microplastics)

Involvement in CLAIM: Analysis of water samples (before and after treatment with cleaning devices) to test treatment efficacy. Laboratory validation of cleaning systems’ eco-safety (by means of ecotoxicological bioassays)