Aix-Marseille University (AMU) was officially opened on January 1, 2012, replacing The University of Provence, University of the Mediterranean and Paul Cézanne University. All the academic fields that may be studied in France are represented at AMU, which has five major divisions, structured into 19 faculties, schools, and institutes. Today, as well as being one of the youngest universities in France, it is also the largest in terms of its student body, its faculty and staff, and its budget in the whole of the French-speaking world. These factors combine with the remarkable results already achieved in teaching and research to make Aix-Marseille university a top class higher education and research institution.


The AMU CNRS-MIO team participates in the development and testing of a passive filtering device that will be implemented in the surface sea water flow through of a ferrybox on board the “Le Carthage” (CTN, Tunisia). The system will be pre-tested at the Endoume MIO-SSLAM (Sea Water Sensing Laboratory at Marseille) that will be adapted to host the test of the passive filtering device. The team will also organize a stakeholder and public event related to the microliter impact on marine ecosystem, and the tools developed within the CLAIM project that will play a role in cleaning liters.


The Endoume Sea water sensing laboratory is an OSU PYTHEAS-AMU-MIO laboratory where costal sea water will be continuously pumped for automated sensing and collecting systems. The laboratory will welcome the microliter system and use the costal and urbanized continuous pumped sea water for validation.


Melilotus Thyssen

melilotus [dot] thyssen [at] mio [dot] osupytheas [dot] fr

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Organisation: AMU CNRS

Position: Researcher

Expertise: Biogeochemistry microbiology oceanography flow cytometry

Involvement in CLAIM: I will lead the testing of the microliter filtering system in the laboratory tests. I will collaborate with the INSTM for the implementation onboard the “Le Carthage” and send the filters to TTU. With HCMR, I will welcome CLAIM collaborators at the SSLAM and present the system functioning

Richard Sempéré

richard [dot] sempere [at] mio [dot] osupytheas [dot] fr

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Organisation: AMU CNRS

Position: Research Director, Header of the MIO

Marine Chemist

Involvement in CLAIM: As header of the MIO, marine chemist, and leader of projects dealing with plastics in the sea, I will co-ordinate the stakeholder events with the CLAIM coordination team and communicate about the project in order to transmit knowledge on microliters, their impacts and solutions