Outstanding interest in a CLAIM research article

Outstanding interest in a CLAIM research article

CLAIM research article ranks in the top three most demanded articles of the past year. ‘Visible light photocatalytic degradation of microplastic residues with zinc oxide nanorods‘ is among the most highly accessed articles in the Environmental Chemistry Letters journal for the past 12 months.

The article supported by CLAIM provides new insights into the use of a clean technology for addressing the global microplastic pollution with reduced by-products. The study tested the degradation of fragmented, low-density polyethylene (LDPE) microplastic residues, by visible light-induced heterogeneous photocatalysis activated by zinc oxide nanorods.

CLAIM partner and Chair of Functional Materials at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Prof. Joydeep Dutta, is a corresponding author of the article.

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Environmental Chemistry Letters covers the interfaces of geology, chemistry, physics and biology. Articles published there are of high importance to the study of natural and engineered environments.

The journal publishes original and review articles of outstanding significance on such topics as the characterization of natural and affected environments; behavior, prevention, treatment and control of mineral, organic and radioactive pollutants; interfacial studies involving media such as soil, sediment, water, air, organism, and food; green chemistry, environmentally friendly synthetic pathways, and alternative fuels; ecotoxicology and risk assessment; environmental processes and modelling; environmental technologies, remediation and control; environmental analytical chemistry, biomolecular tools and tracers.

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