One step closer to battling marine plastic litter

One step closer to battling marine plastic litter

One of the CLAIM technologies, the pyrolizer, was successfully tested in the last week of July 2020 at the National Research Council (CNR) marine station in Genoa, Italy.

CLAIM’s pyrolizer exploits plasma-fueled high temperature for transforming solid waste into a combustible gas, called syngas, and a recyclable solid residue. The process does not produce dioxins and furans, an issue with many thermal processes, and the produced syngas, in turn, can be re-used to fuel ships and heat ports. The very small scale, up to 100 kg of waste per day, makes the device suitable for mounting on small boats that can work closer to shore and collect marine litter nearer the point of entry. The solid plastic waste can be transformed into a combustible gas that can be used immediately on-site as an energy source for ships and lighting and heating in ports.

This technology is suitable for marine litter that cannot be recycled due to contamination and multi-material composition.

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