Make your contribution to marine research

Make your contribution to marine research

Are you a start-up or an SME working on marine plastic? Then you can support research on innovations and solutions for marine plastic by contributing to the database of marine plastic business models.

CLAIM is looking for young (under 15 years) and/or small (under 50 employees) companies that are working on issues such as:

  • Marine plastic prevention from key leakage points (river booms, wastewater filters)
  • Marine plastic collection from beaches, harbours, open ocean (specialised boats, autonomous robots)
  • Marine plastic transformation (recycling into textiles, products, construction materials)
  • Marine plastic monitoring technologies and services (phone applications, drone technologies)
  • Creating marine degradable alternatives (designed to be harmless if they end up in marine environments)

If you know any business cases, you can submit online anonymously:
Please share the link with relevant contacts in your network.

For more information, contact Hanna Dijkstra –

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