Landmark project ATLAS on a mission to discover the Atlantic Ocean

Landmark project ATLAS on a mission to discover the Atlantic Ocean

Horizon 2020 project ATLAS has conducted groundbreaking research expeditions, discovering new marine species and making a step change in the knowledge on North Atlantic deep-sea ecosystems.

CLAIM’s mission is to spread awareness and prevent the marine pollution, while designing innovative technologies for cleaning the seas from plastic litter. But how much do we know about the life in the deep ocean, indeed? The Horizon 2020 ATLAS project can give us an answer to that question. The project’s main focus is to expand the knowledge of deep sea life by studying the Atlantic Ocean’s vast depths. 

The European Commission acknowledges that in the time span of the past four years, ATLAS has been able to reveal remarkable facts about the North-Atlantic deep-sea ecosystem, discovering twelve new species and more than thirty seabed communities. All of these findings give a greater insight into the deep-sea biodiversity, which as a result expands one’s knowledge and understanding of the needs for sustainable resources. The ATLAS project has remarkably influenced the scientific marine data within the EU and international scale, as well as the ocean literacy and educational materials. The project’s achievements have been reflected by worldwide news channels, such as ABC Australia, BBC and EuroNews.

The project’s results have affected many EU marine policies towards the identification and protection of biodiversity within the Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems, as well as the development of various indicators for the assessment of Good Environmental Status, supporting the EU Marine Strategy Framework. The ATLAS project is going to further build on fulfilling the knowledge gap in the existing data for the Atlantic Ocean. It is additionally a groundwork for the new Horizon 2020 project – iATLANTIC, which is going to focus on delivering groundbreaking revelations for the South Atlantic region.

You can read the full article by the European Commission here.

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