Halfway through CLAIM: Second project annual meeting

Halfway through CLAIM: Second project annual meeting

Over 30 experts from CLAIM gathered in Copenhagen for a second annual meeting to discuss the project progress halfway through the project lifetime and to plan the upcoming tasks and events. The meeting took place from 29 to 31 October 2019 at the Danish Meteorological Institute.

To estimate the project progress, partners made a detailed overview of the completed and upcoming tasks, focusing on the CLAIM technologies development, as well as their social acceptance.  In the next year 2020, CLAIM will continue solving the issues of marine litter pollution through innovative tools and methods. 

Aiming to raise awareness among experts and the general public, CLAIM will organise a stakeholder engagement event in the Baltic region. Various target groups will be invited to an interactive presentation on the importance of clean, plastic-free seas across the Baltic, as well as the CLAIM outputs, which have the potential to beat plastic pollution in European seas. 

See more tweets at #CLAIM_PA_2019. 

To learn more about the CLAIM technologies, modelling tools and environmental impact, stay tuned for a series of interviews with project partners, shot during the project assembly meeting. Coming soon! 

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