CLAIM-supported study featured in KTH ‘Spotlight on Research’

CLAIM-supported study featured in KTH ‘Spotlight on Research’

Not long ago we’ve published a press release about the latest development in CLAIM’s nanocoating technology designed to harness visible light to degrade microplastics in an attempt to offer a solution for a growing ocean pollution concerns. The innovative nanocoating is a crucial part towards the development of a pholocatalytic device (one of the 5 CLAIM technologies) to be used in wastewater plants, this way tackling microplastics pollution even before they enter the seas.

Now the innovation, developed by a team led by Prof. Joydeep Dutta, is also recognised on the KTH website, in their ‘Spotlight on Research’ rubric, where a section ‘Sea cleanup with sunlight’ gives an overview of the method which uses solar energy to break down microplastics.

“In practice, this means that when a specific coating is applied, the microplastics will totally disintegrate purely with the help of sunlight.”

Plastic pollutants are a growing threat to marine environments. Microplastics come from synthetic leathers, tyres, cosmetics and other personal care products and plastic objects such as bottles and bags that have fragmented. These microplastics risk being ingested by marine life and then by humans in our diet.

Read the full article, which features more exiting research updates:

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