CLAIM’s 4th Annual Assembly Meeting

CLAIM’s 4th Annual Assembly Meeting

On 25-27 October 2021, CLAIM held the project’s fourth annual assembly meeting, which due to COVID-19 restrictions has been organised in a virtual environment. Representatives from all CLAIM partnering institutions gathered to discuss the current achievements of the project, as well as future potential challenges and updates awaiting until the end of CLAIM’s duration. The European Commission officially extended the project’s life cycle until April 2022, thus, throughout the meeting, the consortium discussed the final steps within the remaining six months of CLAIM.

Amongst the many topics discussed, the partners overviewed the progress of the developed and successfully tested CLAIM technologies for preventing marine plastic pollution, the current state of the public’s perception towards the issue that plastic pollution is, as well as the society’s preferences and willingness to raise awareness towards the present topic. In accordance to what Christos Ioakeimidis from the Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP) said “Removal techniques are part of the game, but prevention is the real solution when talking about marine litter – bringing the local and national communities closer to the problem and closer to the solution”, CLAIM’s partners discussed the project’s influence amongst the general public by overviewing the public surveys, conducted by the CLAIM members. The results show that the majority of people in Greece, Sweden, Denmark, France, Estonia, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands find it a personal responsibility to reduce plastic litter.

Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness of the marine litter technologies has been discussed, along with how CLAIM has been influencing policy through the implementation of the project’s policy briefs.

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