CLAIM the way towards pollution-free EU waters: Video explanation

CLAIM the way towards pollution-free EU waters: Video explanation

To mark the end of the four and a half year project duration, CLAIM presents a five-minute video showcasing the project-developed innovative marine-cleaning technologies. The footage wraps up the general concept and mission of CLAIM, by paying attention to the specific technologies, which have been established to fight and prevent marine plastic pollution.

The presence and accumulation of plastic debris in the marine environment has been recognised as a major environmental problem. Global production of plastics has increased 20 times in the last 50 years exceeding 360 million tons in 2019 and it’s expected to quadruple by 2050.

Against this background, for the past years CLAIM has been actively working towards delivering sustainable solutions for preserving a healthy marine environment in the Baltic, Mediterranean and European regional seas.

The video demonstrates how we can reduce the impact of the mass plastic production by using CLAIM’s synergetic technologies. Right after an effective pre-filtering system sorts and collects litter, a photocatalytic device degrades the micro-plastics in waste-water treatment plants. Mounted on ships and ports a small-scale thermal treatment device – pyrolizer will be used to turn collected litter into energy powering ships, heating up or lighting ports, etc. An innovative floating boom CLEAN TRASH system collects and monitors macro plastics at river estuaries. The collected litter from the CLEAN TRASH system can feed CLAIM’s innovative small-scale pyrolizer, applied for treating marine litter.

This video was developed by the video production company ôlyvon within the framework of CLAIM and you can watch it here.

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