CLAIM research topic: Innovative technology CLEAN TRASH blocks 90% of marine litter from entering the sea

CLAIM research topic: Innovative technology CLEAN TRASH blocks 90% of marine litter from entering the sea

The fifth article published in CLAIM’s research topic in the Frontiers in Marine Science journal, reviews CLAIM’s innovative technology – CLEAN TRASH. The device specifically targets the prevention of macrolliter in river estuaries before entering the Sea and in addition, it has a filtering system for microplastics (MPs) which can be placed at wastewater treatment plants. CLEAN TRASH is one of the innovative technologies, which were designed, developed, tested and applied both in laboratory and in the field.

Trash Collected by the CLEAN TRASH System after a Major Flooding Event, as opposed to the Clean Sea Area (A) and the Clean River Estuary (B) in the Background.

The CLAIM research team from the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR), together with New Naval Ltd. (NNL) and Waste & Water explain that their laboratory tests show 90% blockage of macrolitters with the help of the CLEAN TRASH system. During the sea testing period at the Kifissos river estuary, a significant source of terrestrial based litter for the Saronikos Gulf, a total of 1.175 kg of litter was collected by the innovative technology for 38 days before entering the sea, of which 708 kg (60%) was plastic debris of various sizes and another 164 kg (14%) was styrofoam parts. There are more tests described in the full article.

In conclusion, in all conducted experiments, the installation of the devices for a period of two years resulted in a microplastics reduction of roughly 87% and a macroplastics reduction ranging from 13 to 43%, depending on the sources.

The researchers shed light into their future steps and these are the further development and testing in order to achieve even higher efficiency rates and solve any design failures that may arise during long-term application.

You can read more about CLEAN TRASH in the full article available here.



This article is part of the research topic “Cleaning Litter by Developing and Applying Innovative Methods in European Seas” published in Frontiers of Marine Science.

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