CLAIM research topic: Assessing new marine litter reduction and processing technologies

CLAIM research topic: Assessing new marine litter reduction and processing technologies

The latest publication in CLAIM’s research topic in Frontiers in Marine Science journal presents the most important aspects that should be considered for assessing new marine litter reduction and processing technologies.

The authors of the article who are also CLAIM Researchers from the University of Coimbra, IkerConsulting & HCMR highlight the most relevant technology features using a Delphi method capable of collecting and processing vast amounts of valuable data in places where data is scarce. The Delphi process developed in this study completed two rounds.

Photo: Overview of the Delphi method.

In the first round, a questionnaire with 55 statements (potentially important aspects) was shared with experts and stakeholders from different types of institutions (administrations, marinas and ports; associations; companies; universities; and research centres).

Feedback information based on analysis of the answers provided during the first round was included in a second round of the survey that focused on the statements that did not gather enough consensus and therefore needed to be reevaluated by the expert group.

After checking the stability of the results between rounds, the findings are outlined, and a list of factors to examine in various decision-making contexts (ranging from technology development and investment to marketing and policymaking) is compiled, taking into consideration technical, environmental, socio-economic, and political concerns.

You can read more in the full paper here.



This article is part of the research topic “Cleaning Litter by Developing and Applying Innovative Methods in European Seas” published in Frontiers of Marine Science.

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