CLAIM presented at the Blue Invest in the Mediterranean 2019

CLAIM presented at the Blue Invest in the Mediterranean 2019

CLAIM’s partner and developer of one of 5 marine cleaning technologies – the floating boom – New Naval participated in the Blue Invest in the Mediterranean event that took place in Malta on Thursday, 24 January 2019.

The event, hosted by the European Commission’s Directorate of General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, focused on the pitching of highly innovative products and services related to aquaculture/bio-marine technology (living resources), the development of green ports/marinas, coastal protection, marine litter, non-plastic marine pollution, key enabling technologies (robotics, sensors, materials, etc.), marine services (insurance, monitoring, surveying, etc.), renewable energy, shipbuilding, shipping and coastal maritime tourism in the European Union. At the meeting, 3 minute pitches were presented by a plethora of companies developing, marketing and implementing “blue” technologies. Learn more, see photos and access presentations here.

See the video about the event:

A representative from New Naval gave a 3-minute presentation on the TRASH (Tactical Recovery Accumulation System Hellas), an advanced marine litter collection system developed as part of the CLAIM project, to a panel of experts and a crowded auditorium of peers, investors and fellow participants. After the presentation, 10 minutes was allocated for the panel of experts to question the representative and discuss the potential investment options and strategies available regarding the technology and its applications.

New Naval’s representative presenting at the event, ©European Union, 2019 – Source: 

During the event, time was allocated for participants to discuss with peers and prospective investors potential collaborations and to further discuss the applications and the development of the technology. The event was worthwhile for New Naval as it provided a platform to promote the TRASH system, as well as the CLAIM program, and to discuss and identify potential future investors or markets where the TRASH system could be developed in or supplied to.

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