CLAIM explained: Technological advances prevent and manage marine litter

CLAIM explained: Technological advances prevent and manage marine litter

The rapid global production and the presence, and accumulation of plastic is being recognised a major environmental issue, which is directly affecting nature and biodiversity, as well as society and human well-being. 

In response to the threat that marine plastic pollution is posing, CLAIM is addressing its prevention by developing five innovative technologies, which directly targets the entering of litter into the sea. These include an effective pre-filtering system that stores and collects litter; a photocatalytic nanocoating device, which degrades microplastics in wastewater treatment plants; the pyrolyzer – a small-scale thermal treatment device that turns collected litter into energy, as well as an innovative floating boom that collects and monitors macroplastics. Last but not least, is the CLAIM FerryBox system, which operates on ships in the Baltic, West & East Mediterranean mounted with an automated seawater sampling device & passive flow-through filtering system.

In an interactive and intuitive manner, the infographic portrays the five CLAIM technologies. 

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