CLAIM experts study the perspectives of marine plastic management

CLAIM experts study the perspectives of marine plastic management

CLAIM-funded research article, overviewing the business management solutions for marine plastic is now available in the Marine Pollution Bulletin journal. CLAIM’s international team of environmental researchers involved in this study, has engaged in investigating different startups and entrepreneurs in their innovative and comprehensive solutions for prevention, transformation and monitoring of plastic marine pollution. 

The study states that in the past decade, plastic pollution has become a global concern, however, the production of the materials is a continuous issue regardless of the increasing awareness of the problems caused by it. Tackling such a topic requires innovative top-down and bottom-up solutions, although fully solving the problem is almost impossible. What the researchers suggest instead, is that the issue should be managed. 

Cumulative graph showing the number of startups founded in the years 2003–2020.

What becomes evident from the article is that in recent years the sustainable entrepreneurship has shown that startups have the power to improve industries through the introduction of various new technologies and business models, which correspond with the urge for a sustainable marine plastic management (MPM). 

The research has overviewed 105 startup companies and small businesses targeting marine plastic. Through a strategic categorisation, the study has defined four main activities contributing to the MPM – prevention, transformation, collection and monitoring. The investigated companies show a range of technological and social innovations, which support the prevention of marine plastic pollution. However, the impact of business models to MPM, shows to be more effective in rivers, rather than oceans and seas. 

The full article you can read here.

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