CLAIM experts participated in CAPonLITTER’s workshop

CLAIM experts participated in CAPonLITTER’s workshop

The Region of Crete organised a series of workshops, within the framework of CAPonLITTER, a project, which aims at improving policies and practices that can help in preventing marine litter. The workshop was successfully held on 11 June 2021.

In the course of the workshop, it was highlighted by the Vice-Governor on European and International Affairs of Crete, George Alexakis, that the island has all the prospects to be an environmentally friendly place that preserves the environment and offers its sites to millions of tourists in a sustainable way.

The CLAIM coordination team was honoured to be invited to the workshop and to showcase one of three good practices, which were part of the event’s agenda. CLAIM talked about the project’s novel technologies, in particular, the innovative formation barrier, which has the ability to be placed in any natural or artificial water flow and filter water progressively via interchangeable screens of variable meshes. The barrier can withhold various sizes of visible litter, without distributing float and tracking data through monitoring.

The other two good practices, which were set forth were “Protocol for the sustainable management and development of the Mediterranean beaches” by COSTA NOSTRUM and “Smart Green Bins for Beaches” by AELIA Sustainable Engineering.

All three good practices piqued the participants’ interest and were deemed particularly intriguing in order to study the possibilities of their future use in the Region of Crete, with the goal of lessening marine pollution and trash pollution in the sea.

You may find the short summary of the report (in English) of this workshop here.

The fourth workshop took place on the 27th of July, 2021. Expect more information soon.

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