CLAIM acknowledged as a success story at a BlueMed workshop

CLAIM acknowledged as a success story at a BlueMed workshop

On 14 September 2021, CLAIM was glad to participate at the “Unlocking the potential of Ports and harbours in preventing and reducing the effects of Marine Litter” workshop, organised in the framework of the BlueMed “Pilot Action on a Healthy Plastic Free Mediterranean Sea” in Venice, Italy, and online.

Ms Elisabetta Balzi of the European Commission’s-DG RTD and BlueMed GSO Working Group delegate, presented the CLAIM project as a success story during her talk at the workshop.

“Seeing that CLAIM is being appreciated at EU level means a lot to us and, in fact, motivates us to make the most of the remaining six months of the project,” comments Prof George Triantafyllou, Coordinator of CLAIM and Research Director of HCMR, who was invited to participate in this workshop. Mr Triantafyllou held a speech during session 1: From waste to resource: building frameworks for circular economy – Projects and Initiatives.

The BlueMed Pilot action, which started in 2018, aims to map and assess current actions regarding marine plastic pollution in EU and non-EU Mediterranean countries in order to promote the exchange of good practices, R&I actions, as well as demonstration, communication and education actions specifically aimed at addressing the challenges posed by marine litter in the Mediterranean Sea as a whole. You can read more about the pilot action here.

The workshop, organised by BlueMed, examines the most promising R&I solutions, as well as the policy instruments used, in the management and valorisation of plastic litter in Mediterranean ports/harbours and their hinterland. The event’s goal is to identify gaps and bottlenecks that must be addressed in order to effectively avoid and mitigate the impact of marine litter across the basin. This workshop is the fourth from a series. The previous 3 editions were organised in 2019 and ultimately had the same purpose – a plastic-free, healthy Mediterranean Sea.

The next workshop will be conducted on 26 October 2021 under the title “The BlueMed Pilot healthy plastics-free Mediterranean sea towards the 2030 targets: the strategy developed by the plastic producing and transforming operators of the area”. This event will look at the solutions adopted for a smarter local use, management and recycling of plastics with a high impact in terms of replication through the basin and among international governance structures. The workshop will take place at Ravezzi 1 Room – South Hall, Rimini Expo Centre, Italy and online due to COVID-19 limitations. You can read more about it here.

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