CLAIMs Advisory Panel (AP) is provide objective advice and guidance on project progression, quality assurance and best practices both from the scientific and the industrial point of view.

  • To provide expert advice and feedback on CLAIMs innovative prototypes
  • To provide input to Work Package 5 “Economic feasibility & Social acceptance” and WP6 “Dissemination and Outreach”
  • To build relationships with stakeholders in Europe and internationally
  • To promote and enhance the external communication activities of the CLAIM project in order to ensure visibility on a political level and industrial level

Joao Sousa

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Organisation: International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Position: Senior Programme Officer, Marine Plastics


Joao Sousa is a Senior Marine Programme Manager at IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) where he focuses on collaborative solutions to mitigate plastic debris in the world’s oceans. This involves coordinating research to inform policy, creating platforms to encourage innovation and sharing of best practices. It also entails cooperation with industry to make their value chains more sustainable.
Joao also works on conservation and mitigation for the oil and gas industry in the North Sea (decommissioning platforms), as well as private sector engagement for best practices in the production, extraction and transformation sectors in Mozambique.

Joao is an experienced Biotechnology engineer with 20 years of engineering, biotechnology and project management experience specialising in oil & gas operations, bioenergy, biofuels and biodiversity.

Involvement in CLAIM: Member of Advisory Panel

Ibrahim Hoteit

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Organisation: KAUST

Position: Associate Professor

Expertise: Ocean Modeling, Data Assimilation and Inversion, Uncertainty Quantification

Involvement in CLAIM: Advisory Board Member

Anne-Gaelle Collot

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Organisation: PlasticsEurope

Position: Senior Manager Environmental Affairs

Expertise: Responsible for the Marine Litter project for PlasticsEurope

Involvement in CLAIM: Advisory Board Member. Disseminate results to selected stakeholders and industries in the areas where PLASTIC EUROPE has a presence

Sergey Dobretsov

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Organisation: Sultan Qaboos University

Position: Associate Professor, Director of the Centre of Excellence in Marine Biotechnology

Expertise: Dr. Dobretsov is an academia leader with more than 28 years of research experience in marine biotechnology and over 90 published articles, 2 books and 5 international patents

Involvement in CLAIM: Dr. Dobretsov is one of the “god fathers” of the CLAIM project and the Chairman of the Advisory Panel of the project. His role is to support the coordination of the CLAIM project and call together with the Coordination for Advisory Panel meetings

Christos Ioakeimidis


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Organisation: UNEP MAP

Position: Officer/Litter expert at UNEP/MAP

Environmental Oceanographer & Marine Litter Expert

Involvement in CLAIM: Member of Advisory Panel

D. Karavellas

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Organisation: WWF Greece

Position: CEO

Expertise: He has been active in the field and on key policy issues linked to natural resources, climate change and sustainable development, at national, regional and global level. He is also chairing the WWF Mediterranean Marine Initiative, a concerted network wide effort to conserve the valuable marine ecosystems and promote a sustainable blue economy for the region

Involvement in CLAIM: As a member of the Advisory Board, he will be able to share experience and provide advice and guidance on the strategy and tactics of the project. He will also be able to link this project with broader relevant regional and global initiatives

Achileas Plitharas

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Organisation: WWF Greece

Position: Public engagement officer

Expertise: Awareness raising and mobilizing people and stakeholders on environmental topics

Involvement in CLAIM: Disseminate results in the general public, selected public authorities and local actors in the areas where WWF has a presence. Contribute in awareness raising actions

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Organisation: Ministry of the Environment of Estonia

Position: Head of the Marine Environment Department

Expertise:  Protection and sustainable use of marine areas, development and implementation of innovative measures to reduce the marine pollution.

Involvement in CLAIM: Member of Advisory Panel