Monitoring and assessment guidelines for marine litter in Mediterranean MPAs

New report published as part of the AMARE project to provide advice and practical guidance, for establishing programmes to monitor…

CLAIM presented at the Blue Invest in the Mediterranean 2019

CLAIM’s partner and developer of one of 5 marine cleaning technologies – the floating boom – New Naval participated in…

CLAIM-supported study featured in KTH ‘Spotlight on Research’

Not long ago we’ve published a press release about the latest development in CLAIM’s nanocoating technology designed to harness visible…

CLAIM at the #EMD2019 in Lisbon

Focused on finding solutions for cleaner seas, CLAIM took part at the largest EU event on the topic – the…

CLAIM in CORDIS: Innovative light-induced chemical pathway to clean wastewater plants

CLAIM was featured with one of its 5 marine cleaning technologies in the CORDIS News section accommodating updates about the…

CLAIM’s coordinator Dr. George Triantafyllou interviews for SKAI TV and ECONEWS

CLAIM’s prototype novel boom was filmed by the TV station SKAI for the television programme ECONEWS that was broadcast on…

CLAIM visits the Arsakeio Primary School

On February 22, 2019, an HCMR CLAIM team visited the Arsakeio Primary School of Psychiko, within the context of awareness…

Successful installation and trial of CLAIM’s Marine Litter Containment Floating Boom

CLAIM’s floating boom, one of the five innovative technologies and processes on prevention and management of on-site cleaning and treating…

New CLAIM Research: Nanocoating technology harnesses sunlight to degrade microplastics

Low density polyethylene film (LDPE) microplastic fragments, successfully degraded in water using visible-light-excited heterogeneous ZnO photocatalysts. The innovative nanocoating technology…

Successful first testing of CLAIM’s prefiltering system

CLAIM partners HCMR and Waste et Water SARL completed the first sampling of microplastic at the Megara Waste Water Treatment…

CLAIM in the BLUEMED 2nd Project Coordinators meeting

CLAIM’s coordinator Dr. George Triantafyllou participated on Friday 25th January 2019 in the BLUEMED 2nd Project Coordinators’ Meeting: Sustaining the…

CLAIM’s Project Assembly in Camogli, Italy, enjoys great local news coverage

“For a week, Camogli becomes a European center of new technologies designed to clean our seas from plastics. The  Institute…

CLAIM raises public awareness of plastic pollution at the European Researchers’ Night

For the thirteenth time in a row the European Researchers’ Night takes place in over 300 cities across Europe and in neighboring countries to promote science in an engaging way.

Ways to reduce ocean plastic pollution: CLAIM’s first workshop in Stockholm, Sweden

Experts working with microplastic pollution in the ocean conducted a public workshop on May 17 in Stockholm examining innovative ways to reduce marine litter and its impact.

CLAIM’s role and contribution to PolyTalk 2018

CLAIM’s Co-coordinator Dr. Nikoleta Bellou, HCMR, together with WP3 leader Marco Faimali, ISMAR-CNR, took part in a panel dedicated to “Improving Resource Efficiency and Accelerating Innovation to Increase Circularity – Innovation”.

CLAIM featured at the Ocean Plastics Lab Exhibition

CLAIM was featured in the exhibition through a slideshow and information panel located in the Cleaning Solutions container, as well as with detailed project information placed in the Joint Solution Center.

Garbage-collecting aqua drones and jellyfish filters for cleaner oceans

The cost of sea litter in the EU has been estimated at up to €630 million per year. It is mostly composed…

The project presented at the Blue Med meeting

On 11 & 12 January 2018, the initiative held a Coordinators meeting in Malta, where important projects relevant to its aims and objectives were also presented.

CLAIM’s participation at the GOJELLY kick-off meeting

Accepting the kind invitation of Dr. Jamileh Javidpor, Coordinator of the GoJelly project, CLAIM’s Co-coordinator, Dr. Nikoleta Bellow (HCMR) took part in the GoJelly project kick-off meeting.

CLAIM officially kicks off in November 2017

The official kick-off of CLAIM: Cleaning marine Litter by developing and Applying Innovative Methods took place in November, on Crete,…

CLAIM project consortium celebrates launch

The Newly funded, EU Horizon 2020 project CLAIM targets increasing pollution in marine areas by focusing on the development of innovative cleaning technologies and approaches.

Project investigates ways to remove plastic in wastewater

An EU-funded project to harness the Sun’s radiation to rid the oceans of plastic begins with a system developed at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.

Proposals and actions towards the reduction of plastic bag use

During its kick-off period, on 06 October 2017, CLAIM had the pleasure to be invited to the European Parliament offices in Athens by Giorgos Grammatikakis, elected Member of the European Parliament for Greece.